A/C Quiet™ MAX

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A/C Quiet™ MAX

Part# 01361 (2oz)

A/C Performance Service



MOC® A/C Quiet™ MAX (#01361) is a universal lubricant for automotive air-conditioning systems that utilize R-134a, R-1234yf and R-12 refrigerant. The advanced formula is designed to lower operating temperature and wear, increase operational reliability and reduce noise and energy consumption. Unlike other oils, A/C Quiet™ MAX is not hygroscopic and will not absorb moisture from the ambient air. Therefore, humidity-related problems such as icing on components or the formation of acids can be prevented with use of A/C Quiet™ MAX. It is scientifically designed to minimize the volume of oil that circulates with the refrigerant and maximize the amount that stays in the compressor where it is needed most.

Note: A/C Quiet™ MAX should be added to a system after an A/C service, to quiet a noisy compressor, if refrigerant/oil level is low, and as a preventative maintenance step.


  • Compatible with R-12, R-134a and R-1234yf refrigerant. Can be added to existing systems as a treatment.
  • Compatible with and suitable for use in systems that contain ester, paraffin, PAO, POE and PAG oils. Eliminates the need to stock different types of oils.
  • Compatible with air-conditioning system components. (Based on Sealed Tube Test compliant with ASHRAE 97 standard).
  • Does not absorb moisture from ambient air. Helps prevent corrosion, icing and acid formation by forming a barrier to moisture.
  • Helps reduce operating temperature, wear, compressor noise and energy consumption through more efficient operation.