Cooling-System Multi-Treatment

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Cooling-System Multi-Treatment

Part# 01431

Fortifies Protection Of System Components


MOC® Cooling-System Multi-Treatment™ (#01431) is a concentrated additive that provides complete protection for the entire cooling system. It protects the cooling system in four different ways. It contains a concentrated blend of corrosion inhibitors, anti-foaming agents, pump lubricants and sealing compounds. This product contains a unique corrosion and rust inhibitor that enhances protection of iron, aluminum, copper and solder surfaces. Cooling-System Multi-Treatment™ is designed to fortify and extend the service life of antifreeze and is compatible with all types of coolant.

Outstanding Features:

  • Versatile – Eliminates the need to use 2 or 3 different products.
  • Compatible with all types of coolant (conventional - green, extended life - Dex-Cool, hybrid - G-05, Asian and European formulas). (Based on ASTM D4340 test results.)
  • Proven to increase corrosion inhibiting performance of treated coolant and fortify system services from corrosion damage for an extended period. (Based on ASTM D3306 test results.)
  • Increases protection of water pump and reduces potential damage to pump surfaces. (Based on ASTM D2809 test results.)
  • Sealing compounds help stop minor leaks and seal cracks in the radiator and block. Product is non-metallic and non-clogging.
Available in Kit:

  • #02301 – Premium Cooling System kit (Fast Flush, Cool Off™, Multi-Treatment)