Mass Air-Flow Sensor Cleaner

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Mass Air-Flow Sensor Cleaner

Part# 10951

Specially Designed For Hotwire Sensors

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Fuel Injected vehicles rely on input from the Mass Air Flow Sensor (“MAFS”) to detect the amount of air flowing into the engine. Deposit buildup on the sensor can negatively impact control of air and fuel ratios, resulting in a rough idle, poor throttle response and reduced fuel economy. MOC® ’s Mass Air-Flow Sensor Cleaner (#10951) is a powerful solvent blend that will quickly remove deposits from the sensor surfaces. Mass Air-Flow Sensor Cleaner is a quick and effective solution for cleaning the hotwires, thermistor and other components without damage to the wires, rubber or plastic housing. It can improve engine performance by dissolving those deposits which build up and cause performance to drop.

Outstanding Features:

  • Improves engine performance – Removes deposits that can cause rough idling, poor acceleration and fuel economy.
  • Can avoid the need for replacement of the MAFS.
  • Easy to use – Just spray, allow to dry and reinstall.
  • Safe to use – Contains no fluorocarbons or chlorinated solvents; will not harm wires, rubber or plastic housing.
  • Meets low V.O.C. regulations – The formula meets current V.O.C. regulations set by California Air Resource Board (CARB) and Ozone Transport Commission (OTC).