Foaming Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner

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Foaming Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner

Part# 11501

Lift away dirt, soil & Stains From Fabric, Vinyl, Carpet & Plastic



MOC® Foaming Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner (#1150) is a high-foaming, clinging formulation that instantly attacks and loosens dirt, fingerprints and smudges from most fabric, carpet and hard surfaces. The dry foam provides quick cleaning action without soaking into the fabric or carpet.


  • Cleans soiled vinyl, leather, plastic and cloth.
  • Excellent for carpet.
  • Foam gently lifts away dirt and grime.
  • Minimizes dry time compared to a liquid product.
  • This foaming formula clings to surfaces, providing increased contact time with contamination in order to accelerate cleaning action

Available Size:

#11501 - 18 oz.