Micro Finish™

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Micro Finish™

Part# 3106

Finishing Polish Body-Shop Safe



MOC® Micro Finish™ (#3106) is a semiviscous, white in color and can be used on clearcoat and conventional paints to remove swirls, scratches and light oxidation.


  • Body Shop Safe".
  • Micro Finish™ has very good "open" time; that is, it dries slowly enough to be worked with a high-speed buffer without going "dry".
  • This product does not load the buffer pad and is easily "spurred" from the pad for clean-up.  Also, accidental "sling" from the buffer can be easily removed with a dry cloth, even after it has dried hard.
  • This  product  generates  very  little  powder  and  the  prepared  surface  is  easy  to  wipe clean.
  • It removes fine scratches caused by cosmoline removal.
  • It removes water spots and irregularities form repainted surfaces.

Available Sizes:

#31061 - 1 pint
#31062 - 1 quart
#31063 - 1 gallon