Cleans All™

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Cleans All™

Part# 4125

All Purpose Cleaner



MOC®'s Cleans All™ (#4125) is an all purpose cleaner for interior or exterior use on vehicular surfaces. Cleans All™ is characterized as low viscosity, medium foaming, pink in color with a pleasant citrus fragrance.


  • When diluted according to directions, Cleans All™ is high effective on vinyl tops, painted surfaces, wheels, tires, carpeting, upholstery, vinyl trim, door panels and head liners.
  • A truly all-purpose cleaner, safe for most surfaces unaffected by water.

Available Sizes:

#41252 - 1 quart
#41253 - 1 gallon
#41255 - 5 gallon
#41256 - 55 gallon