Whitewall Cleaner

Whitewall cleaner product image
Whitewall Cleaner

Part# 4130

Removes Soil, Scuffs & Stains



MOC® Whitewall Cleaner (#4130) is a clear, water-thin cleaner, specifically designed to clean dirt, grease, marks and brake dust from tires and wheels. It is very fast-acting and effective.


  • Safe for tires and wheels when used as directed.
  • A concentrated cleaner that removes scuffs, grime and dressing residue from tires.
  • Leaves whitewalls and lettering on tires clean and bright.
  • Reduces labor and virtually eliminates hard scrubbing.

Available Sizes:

#41303 - 1 gallon
#41305 - 5 gallon
#41306 - 55 gallon