Purple Stuff®

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Purple Stuff®

Part# 4140

Degreaser For Floors, Engines & Tires



MOC® Purple Stuff® (#4140) is a highly alkaline cleaner that is high-foaming and dark purple in color. It is especially well-suited for cleaning floors and the toughest clean-ups on ferrous surfaces.


  • Purple Stuff® will pull grease and oil out of most-severely stained concrete and degrease the most contaminated non-aluminum engines.
  • Purple Stuff® is an excellent all-around cleaner when diluted properly.
  • Color-Coded packaging.
  • Economical – Reduces the number of products needed in a shop.

Available Sizes:

#41403 - 1 gallon
#41405- 5 gallon
#41406 - 55 gallon