Orange Degreaser

Oragne Degreaser product image
Orange Degreaser

Part# 4220

Citrus-Based Cleaners



MOC® Orange Degreaser (#4220) is a semiviscous, orange-colored, orange-scented degreaser, specifically formulated to be environmentally friendly. To be used on car bodies, engines, floors, walls, carpeting, vinyl, tires and wheels. It is amazingly effective.


  • Contains D'Limonen (orange-terpene) and is biodegradable.
  • All harmful glycolethers have been eliminated.
  • This product is nonacid, noncorrosive and is still unmatched for the quick and easy removal of oil, grease, tar, brake dust and road film.
  • Totally safe waste-water handling.

Available Sizes:

#42203 - 1 gallon
#42205 - 5 gallon
#42206 - 55 gallon