I have had the good fortune of using MOC Products in the Northeast, Southeast, and now in the California markets managing multi-line dealer groups. The MOC® team knows the business, knows the market differences, and provides us with solutions for service marketing and expense control. While many of the other suppliers are focused on their own company profits, the MOC® team understands focusing on their customer's profits will drive their own.

Momentum Auto Group, Charlie Monteleone – VP of Fixed Operations

MOC Products has proven to be one of our most valuable partners in moving our business forward. Their 3 pronged approach of cost control, maintenance marketing and employee training has helped us improve our business year after year. Their team listens to our needs and provides us with effective solutions.

Ted Stevens Automotive Group, Mickey Ollis – VP of Operations

Several years ago I was introduced to the MOC product line at an NADA exhibit. Our 15 dealerships were all using other major brand products however up sells to customers were extremely low. I was impressed with the MOC products and equipment. However the MOC® staff by far left the biggest impression on me. I found that they really understood the vehicle service business. They were very knowledgeable about the day to day challenges of the Service Advisor. They realized that the technicians were also a key factor to success. I decided to try MOC® at five of our dealerships. Within a short period of time all MOC products and equipment were in place. The MOC® representatives provided extensive training to Service Advisors and technicians. MOC® also provided valuable Point of Sale material. After 45 days our sales more than doubled. This surge in sales continued which was enough to convince me that MOC® is the product that I wanted in all of our dealerships. Our monthly MOC® sales far exceed the sales that we were realizing using other brand products.
MOC® continues to create cutting edge products which helps our dealerships to remain a leader against the competition.

Martin Automotive Group, Jerry Starkey - Vice President Fixed Operations

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