Electrostatic Technology is the Future of Automotive Dealership Disinfecting

the future of automotive dealership disinfecting

The way that large commercial spaces are cleaned has changed for the foreseeable future and likely forever. COVID-19 has increased the need for businesses to focus on keeping customers and employees safe from illness. A first reaction may be that more effective cleaning and disinfecting practices will lead to increased cost. In reality, that does not have to be true. Technological advances allow for effective and efficient disinfecting while using 70% less disinfecting solution than traditional cleaning methods.


If you have ever heard the expression, “Opposites attract,” then you already understand the fundamentals of electrostatic charging. Negatively charged surfaces attract neutral or positively charged surfaces. Disinfectant applicators, like EMist sprayers, charge the disinfecting solution so that the droplets are highly attracted to surfaces. The electrostatic sprayer atomizes the chemical, passes it through an electrostatic induction nozzle and discharges toward the target surface. The droplets are attracted to the surface and coat the side, edges, and backsides of target areas. Significant results are achieved without costly overspray and waste.

Research shows that electrostatic application is eight times more effective than using traditional spraying methods. With electrostatic application, atomized droplets are attracted to surfaces and form a solid, uniform coating. 


As social distancing restrictions are lifted and various industries work to keep employees and customers safe, EMist’s electrostatic technology is essential. The following industries rely on EMist:

     Airlines and airports

     Resorts, hotels, and vacation experience destinations


     Automotive dealerships

     Shopping malls

     Healthcare Facilities

     Fitness Clubs 

United Airlines uses EMist to disinfect air and surfaces within aircraft cabins. Resorts such as the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, The Shelbourne South Beach, and The Beverly Hills Hilton introduced EMist as an advanced cleaning and disinfecting measure. Lobbies, guest rooms, bathrooms, and any high touch areas are routinely treated with EMist disinfecting protocols. Education facilities rely on EMist to kill germs common to schools and keep students healthy.

The automotive industry is relying on CDC recommended layering protective solutions to achieve the most effective results.


EMist is the most effective handheld disinfectant sprayer available. The device allows for more coverage, less waste, and better results. Simply fill the holding tank with an EPA approved disinfectant, like Ecolab solutions, and pull the trigger. The EMist sprayer lays down an even, wraparound layer of germ-killing disinfectant up to 4,000 ft2. With EMist, there is no need to wear anti-static gloves or bonding straps, as the device prevents shocks and electrical hazards.

It is truly that simple.

For more information about how to effectively disinfect your automotive dealership while cutting down the cost of chemicals, reach out to MOC Products at (818) 794-3585.

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