As Fires Blaze, Maintain Vehicle Cabin Air Quality for Your Health

As fires ravage the West, the flames are not the only risk to life and health. With the amount of dense smoke filling the air from Oregon down to Southern California and as far east as Michigan, we sometimes forget the intense hazards caused by poor air quality. If you can smell smoke from the…
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Is Premium Gas Better For Your Vehicle Than Regular Gas?

Each time you pull up to the fuel pumps, you have a choice to make- unleaded, plus, or premium gas. The majority of drivers bypass premium and opt for the less expensive regular unleaded gas. Most drivers don’t understand the difference between regular and premium gas and could unwittingly be causing damage to their vehicles. …
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5 Ways for Auto Dealers to Make Inventory Stand Out

When times get tough, auto dealers get creative. Balancing profits with the buying experience is more important than ever. While auto dealers navigate the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing slowdowns and consumer fear, it is essential to showcase inventory and create a buyer experience that will stand out from the crowd.    Here are a…
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The Automotive Industry Stepped Up to Fight COVID-19

No one expected something like COVID-19 to happen. The devastating virus took the whole world by surprise and adversely affected nearly every industry. Rather than cave under the immense pressure caused by shutdowns, sick employees and customers, and rigorous new health standards, the automotive industry stepped up to improve the situation for everyone.   Over…
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