The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

The warm weather is on its way and it is time to clean the winter grime from your vehicle. The snow tires come off and the weather allows for driving with the windows down, but that doesn’t mean you should slack on your vehicle maintenance. There may be some vehicle spring cleaning tips on this…
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What is Your Vendor’s Role During COVID-19?

What is Your Vendor's Role During COVID-19? We live in challenging times. Your dealership or automotive repair shop has likely seen a significant drop in sales and service. In today's environment, how can you maintain relationships with current consumers, create new clients, and keep them and your employees all safe from COVID-19? While you are having to…
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The Importance of Transmission Fluid

Understanding the Importance of Transmission Fluid Most people in the United States drive vehicles with an automatic transmission.  Do you understand how your automatic transmission works? If you do, you understand how amazing (and important) this piece of automotive machinery truly is. If not, here is a quick review of how an automatic transmission works.…
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Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance

Guide to Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance There is a common misconception held by hybrid vehicle owners that their vehicles are low maintenance. Firstly, low maintenance vehicles do not really exist. On the spectrum of low to high maintenance vehicles, hybrid vehicles are on the higher end. Many hybrid vehicle owners are surprised to learn that their…
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