The Importance of Transmission Fluid

Understanding the Importance of Transmission Fluid Most people in the United States drive vehicles with an automatic transmission.  Do you understand how your automatic transmission works? If you do, you understand how amazing (and important) this piece of automotive machinery truly is. If not, here is a quick review of how an automatic transmission works.…
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Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance

Guide to Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance There is a common misconception held by hybrid vehicle owners that their vehicles are low maintenance. Firstly, low maintenance vehicles do not really exist. On the spectrum of low to high maintenance vehicles, hybrid vehicles are on the higher end. Many hybrid vehicle owners are surprised to learn that their…
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2-Step PAINT RESTORATION PROCESS FORMULATED FOR DA RANDOM-ORBITAL POLISHERS. Step 1: CORRRECTION™ contains micro abrasives and polishing agents that quickly remove scratches, oxidation and defects from painted surfaces. MP Pro Series Correction™ Crème is specially formulated for use with DA Random-Orbital Polishers to create fast, swirl-free results with minimal dust and clean up. Designed for…
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Engine Protection Products

Giving drivers the confidence to go the extra mile. Providing vehicles owners with added engine protection between extended oil-change intervals. Purchase an oil service containing a qualifying MOC® product and have the peace of mind knowing our Advantage Plan has you covered. Should an eligible system component fail due to abnormal lubrication, MOC® will reimburse…
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