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Vehicle Protection

The MOC® Product Warranty Program is designed to protect and maintain mechanical components of a vehicle through the use of specially designed products and services. Peace-of-mind for you and your customers. Customer retentions program with innovative online solutions. Adds value to premium maintenance services. Recommended in the pre-owned recon process. [spacer] [button text="Ad Sheet" link="/wp-content/uploads/VehicleProductWarnty.pdf"…
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Total Customer Connect

Total Customer Connect® (TCC) program delivers a premium customer experience for vehicle owners ready for service. Digital Promotion - a cost effective solution to traditional marketing efforts. Digital Promotion Listing Management Social Media Management Customer Engage - business development services Customer Recovery BDC Live BDC Cloud Loyalty Retention - Customer Relationship Management Services Appointment Scheduling Rewards Program MenuBuilder…
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Roadside Rescue

The Roadside Rescue provides customers with emergency roadside services to provide them with peace of mind, safety and security. Emergency Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year in the United States and Canada. Combined with our other professional products or service reminder programs; it will add value…
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Nitrogen Now

Properly inflated, nitrogen-filled tires can save you money. It may help improve fuel economy, extend tire life and reduce oxidation. With Nitrogen Now™ you maximize safety and performance. Nitrogen Now Helps extend tire life and slow down the tire's wear-cycle. Helps improve fuel economy based on proper inflation. Helps avoid low-pressure tire alarms on sensor-equipped…
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