Deluxe Power Steering

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Deluxe Power Steering

Part# 74900

Perform A Power-Steering-Fluid Exchange In One Easy Step


MOC®’s Power-Steering-Fluid Exchanger allows the technician to perform a power-steering-fluid exchange in one easy step.

Outstanding Features:

  • Complete adapter kit for domestic/foreign vehicles.
  • Includes new “Y” adapter for hard-to reach power-steering reservoirs.
  • Comes complete with a remote control, allowing the user to oversee operation of the service.
  • A stand-alone mobile chassis provides freedom & convenience for the user.
  • Color-coded hoses and lights, to identify new and used containers  quickly.
  • Capable of refilling power-steering systems through the power-steering fluid reservoir.
  • Automatic coupler shutoffs on service hoses.
  • Heavy-duty clear hoses for visual confirmation of fluid transfer.
  • Large-capacity 5 gallon waste tank.
  • No power-steering disassembly needed; access is gained through the power-steering fill cap.