Adhesive Remover-NFS in CA

Adhesive Remover-NFS in CA product image
Adhesive Remover-NFS in CA

Part# 4107

Fast-Acting, Easy-Wipe Formula


MOC®'s Adhesive Remover (#41073) is a clear, highly aromatic solvent formulated to remove adhesive left behind from masking-tape removal. It works fast and dries quickly. Caution: Liquid and vapor are flammable.

Outstanding Features:

  • Has no adverse effect on paint when used as directed.
  • Caution should be taken on new paint.
  • Adhesive Remover wipes away clean; it does not gum-up and roll.
  • Dries quickly, leaving a clean surface without residue.
Available Sizes:
#41073 - 1 gallon
#41075- 5 gallon
#41076 - 55 gallon

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