3- Enhance™

Fuel System Cleaner
3- Enhance™

Part# 04321

Fuel System Cleaner


A super-concentrated tank additive with the most advanced detergent technology available  or rapid "one-tank" clean-up of the most severe and hard-to-remove fuel deposits. Enhance effectively cleans combustion chambers, removes carbon from intake valves and restores proper flow in fuel injectors. It is specially designed to remove severe deposits typically found in Gasoline Direct Inject (GDI) and other modern high-output engines.

  • Can restore engine performance, power and fuel economy in one tankful.
  • Cleans stubborn combustion chamber and injector deposits.
  • Compatible with fuel system components, including oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.
  • Designed for Modern GDI & High-Output Engines

Available Size:

#04321 - 16 oz.

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