Limited-Slip Concentrate

Limited-Slip Concentrate product image
Limited-Slip Concentrate

Part# 01491

Prevents Chatter In Limited-Slip Differentials


MOC® Limited-Slip Concentrate (#01491) is designed to prevent chatter in limited-slip differentials and full-time four-wheel drive transfer cases. This product helps quiet gears in the differential and fortify standard gear lubricants. It is designed to be used with any GL-5 gear lubricant in limited-slip applications. Recommended for rear-wheel drive passenger cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Outstanding Features:

  • Frictional Coefficient Testing shows that Limited-Slip Concentrate is able to maintain consistent and continuous friction much longer than competitive products.
  • Enhances limited-slip performance (anti-chatter) of rear axles.
  • Compatible with most conventional and synthetic gear oils.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple inventory of gear oils.

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