Cooling-System Sealer

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Cooling-System Sealer

Part# 01041

Designed To Seal Minor Cooling System Leaks


MOC® Cooling System Sealer (#01041) is designed to seal leaks caused by cracks or holes in the radiator, block and head gasket. It has the unique ability to seal leaks by forming a "scab" over the hole or damaged area. This nonmetallic formula is safe to use with all types of antifreeze and coolants. This non-clogging product may be used in all pressurized systems and will not harm plastic, metal or rubber parts.

Outstanding Features:

  • Helps seal radiator, gaskets and freeze plugs.
  • Non-metallic.
  • Non-clogging.
  • Compatible with all types of coolant.
Available in Kit:

  • #01164 – Radiator Flush kit three-pack (Fast Flush, Treatment, Sealer)