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Advisor Training

Service Advisor Training

Advisor Training


Our Advisor Training Program provides an ongoing educational system that will prepare any service advisor to deliver outstanding customer service while increasing sales opportunities. To optimize success, our training program can be tailored to the unique needs and concerns of an individual dealership.

Areas of focus

• Overcoming objections can go one of two ways. You stumble for a response as doubt sinks deeper, or you bounce back with confidence and knowledgeable rebuttals.

• Educating yourself on the benefits of your services and having a process in place to handle objections are the key to closing a sale.

• Building rapport and establishing relationships are simple ways to gain trust with your customers. Greeting each customer professionally in a warm and sincere fashion generally results in a more relaxed atmosphere. Customers are typically much more responsive and willing to listen to your intended message when they feel comfortable. Remember, you’re providing a service, not selling a product.

course overview
 the four main objections

• BUDGET (Price)Is the client’s objection merely sticker shock, or is it that they don’t see the real value in the service?

• AUTHORITY –  “I need to ask my _____.”

• NEED Complacency or an actual fear of spending their hard-earned money

• VALUE How do we build trust?

We’ll walk through each objection and give tips on how to address them.


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