Fuel-Injector Cleaner

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Fuel-Injector Cleaner

Part# 01061

Cleans, Lubricates & Protects. Helps Restore Last Performance

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MOC® Fuel Injector Cleaner (#01061) is designed to prevent deposit build-up in the fuel system, including the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers. By preventing buildup of harmful deposits, this product helps avoid problems such as stalling, hesitation, power loss and restricted fuel flow. MOC® Fuel Injector Cleaner can be used with leaded or unleaded fuel, and it will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.

Outstanding Features:

  • Helps Maintain Fuel System Performance - keeps engines running cleanly to operate more efficiently.
  • Keeps Injector Tips Clean for Better Fuel Flow - clean engines maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Protects - will not cause harm to catalytic converters or fuel systems.
  • Versatile - Can be used in leaded or unleaded fuel.