Cooling-System Fast Flush

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Cooling-System Fast Flush

Part# 01091

Concentrated One-Step Formula Helps Remove Rust, Scale & Sludge


MOC® Cooling-System Fast Flush (#01091) is a powerful, convenient, one-step radiator and cooling-system cleaner. It is formulated to quickly breakdown and suspend rust, scale and sediment. This non-acid-base product needs no neutralizer and is compatible with plastic and aluminum.

Outstanding Features:

  • Non-acid.
  • Requires no neutralizer.
  • Highly effective at removing scale and sediment from system. surfaces.
  • Can be used on radiator plastic and aluminum components.
Available in Kits:

  • #01161 – Radiator two-pack (Fast Flush, Treatment)
  • #01164 – Radiator Flush kit three-pack (Fast Flush, Treatment, Sealer)
  • #02301 – Premium Cooling System kit (Fast Flush, Cool Off™, Multi-Treatment)