Double Clean™

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Double Clean™

Part# 01201

Cleans The Air-Intake System & Helps Lower Emissions

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MOC® Double Clean™ (#01201) is a powerful solvent blend that will quickly remove gum, varnish, carbon and other deposits from the throttle-valve, throttle-body, idle-air control valves, PCV valves, plenum and other parts of the air-induction system. It can improve engine performance by dissolving those deposits which build up and cause rough idling, hard starting, stalling and poor acceleration. As a result of its cleaning process, harmful exhaust emissions can be significantly reduced.

Outstanding Features:

  • Improves engine performance – Dissolves gum and varnish deposits that cause rough idle, hard starting and stalling.
  • Reduces exhaust emissions – Through the cleaning process and chemical reaction, harmful exhaust emissions are converted to inert compounds, resulting in lower exhaust readings.
  • Versatile – Does the job of two products in one. Can be applied through the throttle-valve using MOC® A.I.S. Cleaning S-Tool (#74100) in conjunction with MOC® Cleaner Application Tool (#72450 or #72460) or through a vacuum source using MOC® Deluxe Induction Tool (#72172).
  • Will not harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters.