Multi-Clean™ MAX

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Multi-Clean™ MAX

Part# 01241

Removes Harmful Deposits Restores Engine Performance


MOC® Multi-Clean™ Max (#01241) is a powerful dispersant-based cleaner that quickly softens and dissolves accumulated oil sludge in the engine. In addition, this formula is specially designed to remove harmful fuel deposits that clog piston rings. Multi-Clean™ Max also cleans lifters, passageways, screens and other internal engine components.
Sludge and fuel deposits can quickly accumulate in modern engines leading to lower compression from altered piston-ring function. This condition can lead to reduced fuel economy, lower power output, increased oil consumption and exhaust emissions. Removal of engine sludge and piston deposits can improve compression, lower emissions and restore engine performance in one service. Designed for use in gasoline and diesel engines.

Outstanding Features:

  • Versatile – Removes engine sludge and fuel deposits.
  • Excellent for problematic Gasoline Direct Injection engines.
  • Improves compression and reduces oil dilution (blow-by) through removal of piston deposits.
  • Reduces contamination and darkening of new fluid after and oil change.