A/C Quiet™

A/C Quiet™ product image
A/C Quiet™ product image
A/C Quiet™

Part# 01331 (2oz), 01341 (8oz)

Lubricant For Automotive A/C System

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MOC® A/C Quiet (#01331) is a highly effective ester-based oil lubricant for automotive air-conditioning systems. This lubricant performs four key functions:

  1. It lubricates the entire air-conditioner system, including the compressor.
  2. It helps prevent acid from forming and inhibits corrosion.
  3. It encapsulates moisture and keeps it from damaging internal parts.
  4. It contains a special color dye for leak detection (under black light).

Note: A/C Quiet™ should be added to a system after an A/C service, to quiet a noisy compressor, if refrigerant/oil level is low, as a preventative maintenance step and to detect system leaks.