A.D.T. (Advanced Diesel Treatment)

A.D.T. (Advanced Diesel Treatment) product image
A.D.T. (Advanced Diesel Treatment) product image
A.D.T. (Advanced Diesel Treatment) kit image
A.D.T. (Advanced Diesel Treatment)

Part# 01451 (12oz), 01452 (32oz)

Concentrated Tank Additive That Cleans Injector Deposits


MOC® A.D.T. (#01451) is a complete diesel additive designed to improve engine performance in all weather conditions. It removes deposits from fuel injectors, increases cetane levels and lubricates system components to prevent scuffing. This all-weather formula contains pour-point depressants and prevents wax and gelling in freezing conditions. A.D.T. restores horsepower, performance and fuel economy while reducing exhaust smoke and engine knock. It is designed to clean all types of heavy and light-duty, off-road and marine diesel engines, including modern high-pressure common-rail designs.

Outstanding Features:

  • Superior performance.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Fuel stabilizers.
  • Lubricity improver.
  • Helps reduce exhaust smoke and diesel knock.
  • All-weather formula.
  • Compatible with all types of exhaust emissions systems, including diesel particulate filters (DPF).
  • Designed for use with all types of diesel fuel including biodiesel.
Available in Kit:

  • #02311 – Diesel Purge™, Advanced Diesel Treatment