Engine Flush Solution

Engine Flush Solution product image
Engine Flush Solution

Part# 04123

Removes Sludge & Deposits From The Engine


MOC® Engine Flush Solution (#04123) is an effective blend of detergents and dispersants which quickly and safely remove accumulated sludge and other deposits that would otherwise be left behind in an engine after a normal oil change. If not removed, this “carryover” debris can contaminate new oil and continue to build sludge deposits. When used in an engine prior to an oil change, this product removes sludge deposits from lifters, rings, lands, rocker arms and other internal components. This product does not contain harmful solvents. It may be used in gasoline, diesel and rotary engines.

Outstanding Features:

  • Contains an anti-friction additive to help prevent dry starts.
  • Helps remove harmful deposits and contaminants.
  • Helps clean valve lifters, ring lands and rocker arms.
  • Can improve fluid circulation.
  • Cleans sludge, gum and varnish.
  • Contains no harmful solvents.