Ultra Shift™

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Ultra Shift™

Part# 04152

Fully-Synthetic Gear Lubricant


MOC® Ultra Shift™ (#04152) is a fully-synthetic gear lubricant specially formulated for a wide range of manual transmissions, transaxles and transfer cases. The combination of high-quality base oils and a multi-functional additive system in Ultra Shift™ provides superior anti-wear protection, shear stability and low temperature fluidity. This premium formula may be effectively used in all domestic and foreign vehicles where GL-4 gear oil or ATF is specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Ultra Shift™ is recommended in applications where GM® Part# 12345349, Ford® Part #D80Z19C547A & ESRY 19C547, Chrysler® Part #4773167, or Mercedes Benz® Part #900260315 are specified.

Outstanding Features:

  • Superior lubrication and protection for bearings and gears. Helps prevent wear, pitting and corrosion under high-load conditions.
  • Excellent fluidity in extreme temperature.
  • Promotes excellent shift quality and synchronizer performance in manual transmissions.
  • Long drain life and reduced maintenance, plus a shear-resistant formula that maintains viscosity.
  • Compatible with manual transmission components such as bronze, brass, copper, and elastomer material.