Motor-Oil Supplement

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Motor-Oil Supplement

Part# 05011

Fortified Engine Oil Detergency


MOC® Motor-Oil Supplement (#05011) concentrate is scientifically formulated to increase performance by reducing friction and wear. MOC® Motor-Oil Supplement contains dispersants and detergents to help prevent sludge buildup and oxidation breakdown. The product lubricates internal parts to create a low-friction surface. This reduction in friction can protect new engines during break-in and start-ups. It may be used in all internal-combustion engines, including rotary and diesel.

Outstanding Features:

  • Improves Performance – specially formulated to reduce friction and wear.
  • Significantly improves engine oil's ability to resist oxidation breakdown.
  • Reduces Friction – increases the lubricating power of oil.
  • Helps Keep Engines Clean – contains dispersants and detergents to help prevent sludge deposits.
  • Versatile – can be used in all types of internal-combustion engines.
  • Compatibility - Will not cause motor oil viscosity to be “out-of-range.”
  • Contains no solvents.