Ultima Power-Steering-Service Solution

Ultima Power-Steering-Service Solution product image
Ultima Power-Steering-Service Solution

Part# 06121

Premium European Formula


MOC® Ultima Power-Steering Solution (#06121) is a fully synthetic fortified power-steering fluid blend that is used in conjunction with the MOC® Power-Steering Fluid Exchanger. The formulation utilizes polyalphaolefins (PAO) base fluids to ensure outstanding oxidation stability, excellent low temperature performance and shear stability. The product provides excellent detergency, wear protection, rust inhibition, and seal protection. MOC® Ultima Power-Steering Solution replaces Pentosin® #CHF 11S and is suitable for use in place of VW #G004000M2, Audi® #G002000, VW® #G002000, BMW® PS, #81-11-1-468-041 Rolls Royce®/Bentley® #RH5000, Jaguar® #HSMO, Porsche® #, Volvo® #1161529, Citroen® #LDS 997969, Mercedes Benz® Q1320001 and Mopar® #05142893AA, 05127381AB, 68065924AA, 68088485AA and other fully-synthetic power steering fluids.

Outstanding Features:

  • Outstanding cold weather performance.
  • Highly resistant to breakdown due to shearing and load (Based on 40 min. Sonic Shear test)
  • Conditions seals and hoses to help prevent cracks and leaks.
  • Helps extend system life by reducing wear on internal components.
  • Superb oxidation stability.