Electric Power-Steering Fluid

Electric Power Steering Fluid product image
Electric Power-Steering Fluid

Part# 06172

For Electro-Hydraulic Systems


MOC® Electric Power-Steering Fluid (#06172) is a specialized synthetic power - steering fluid designed for use in “electro-hydraulic" power steering systems that utilize an electric motor instead of a traditional belt-driven pump to provide hydraulic pressure. This advanced formula contains a special additive package for enhanced shear stability, anti-wear and thermal stability. It is suitable for use in electro-hydraulic "hybrid" systems found in certain Nissan®, Infiniti®, Jeep®, Chrysler®, Dodge®, VW® and Audi® model vehicles. This product is designed to be used in conjunction with a MOC® Power-Steering Fluid Exchanger.


  • Reduces friction and heat that can wear out the pump, valves and gears.
  • Enhanced resistance to breakdown due to shearing and system pressure.
  • Conditions seals and hoses to help prevent cracks and leaks.
  • Helps extend system life by reducing wear on internal components.
  • Helps reduce squeals and chatter due to foaming.
  • Outstanding cold weather performance.