Tech Grade Power-Steering Fluid

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Tech Grade Power-Steering Fluid

Part# 06181

Premium Synthetic Blend Formula


MOC® Tech Grade Power-Steering Service Fluid (#016181) is a fortified power-steering fluid blend that is used in conjunction with a MOC® Power-Steering Fluid Exchanger. The formulation utilizes a high quality base fluid which ensures increased oxidation stability and outstanding low temperature performance. The combination of this base oil with a top quality viscosity modifier ensures excellent resistance to breakdown due to excessive shearing and pressure in power-steering systems. The solution also contains additional components which provide detergency, wear protection, rust inhibition, seal protection and anti-foaming characteristics. The formula is suitable for use in place of O.E.M. power-steering fluids in Honda®/Acura®, Ford®, GM®, Chrysler® and most vehicles.

NOTE: Can be packaged and sold in combination with MOC® Power-Steering Fluid Conditioner #0115.

Outstanding Features:

  • Reduces friction and heat that can wear out the pump, valves and gears.
  • Highly resistant to breakdown due to shearing and system pressure (based on 40-minute Sonic Shear test).
  • Conditions seals and hoses to help prevent cracks and leaks.
  • Flushes out debris from the pump, hoses and houses, which can cause components such as valves and springs to stick.
  • Helps extend system life by reducing wear on internal components.
  • Helps reduce squeals and chatter due to foaming.
  • Outstanding cold weather performance. Avoids high viscosity at -40°C.