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Arctic Blast™

Part# 06201

An Air Conditioning Additive

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ArcticBlast™ (#06201) is an air conditioning additive that was developed to address the key shortcomings of R134a refrigerant in vehicle applications, including poor system efficiency, increased system load or power draw, and less effective cooling ability. ArcticBlast™ contains a proprietary blend of ingredients specifically formulated to expand the operating capabilities of R134a and enhance the system's ability to dissipate heat. It is designed to provide colder air, faster cooling, lower system load or power draw, and lower fuel consumption based on a more efficient A/C system. The appreciable benefits consist of greater occupant comfort and a more efficient and less costly system to operate. ArcticBlast™ is not an oil or refrigerant, it is a non-toxic, eco-friendly compound. This product should not be used in R-12 or retrofit systems.

Outstanding Features

  • Proven to lower vent outlet temperatures and cool interiors faster than untreated systems.
  • Reduces load/drag on the engine for improved system efficiency.
  • Proven to reduce fuel consumption as measured in gallons per hour when the A/C is on.
  • Compatible with R134a refrigerant.
  • Compatible with mineral, ester, paraffin and PAG oils.
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic – Contains no hydrocarbons, oils, solvents or fluorocarbons.