Clear Liquid Lube

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Clear Liquid Lube

Part# 10201

Resists Slinging & Squeeze-out

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MOC® Clear Liquid Lube (#10201) sprays out as a thin penetrating liquid and quickly cures to a clear grease-like gel. This multi-purpose lubricant reduces friction and wear between metal to metal surfaces, increasing lubricity even at high temperatures. This unique formula forms a barrier which helps resist rust, water, alkalis, salt and other elements. Clear Liquid Lube allows you to spray into tight, hard-to-reach areas and clings to vertical surfaces. It resists “throw-off” (slinging), squeeze-out and wash off.


  • 3-in-1 formula penetrates, lubricates and protects.
  • Heat and water resistant.
  • Multiple uses – Automotive and Marine: door, trunk & hood hinges, brake & gear assemblies, seat tracks, battery terminals, cables, antennas; Bike and Motorcycles: chains, gears, cables; Home: garage door tracks, locks, fishing gear, lawn & garden equipment.
  • Clear formula offers a superior alternative to the messy discoloration of White Lithium Grease.
  • Unique formula cures to a gel that clings to surfaces and resists slinging, drips and "squeeze-out".