A/C Odor Treatment

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A/C Odor Treatment

Part# 10501

Removes Offensive Odors From Automotive HVAC Systems

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MOC® A/C Odor Treatment #10501 is a special blend of odor neutralizers that quickly eliminates odor-producing organisms that grow in the evaporator core and housing of air-conditioner systems. By cleansing the system, problems such as breathing discomfort and eye irritations may be avoided when the occupant turns on the air-conditioner. It is not just for A/C odors; it works equally well to control odors in the heating system during cold seasons.


Outstanding Features

  • Immediately attacks odors on contact.
  •  Easy application – Saves time.
  •  Cleanses A/C system of contaminants that can cause problems when blown onto occupants.
  •  Odors are eliminated, not masked.
  •  Non-ozone depleting – Contains no CFCs.