Odor Eliminator™

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Odor Eliminator™

Part# 10601

Powerful Aerosol Odor Neutralizer



MOC® Odor Eliminator™ (#10601) is designed to effectively remove foul odors trapped in carpeting, upholstery, fabric and many other surfaces. MOC® Odor Eliminator™ immediately starts to neutralize odors on contact, leaving behind a pleasant scent. Helps remove odors left by pets, tobacco, body odor, mildew, urine and other organic sources. Designed for use in vehicles, boats, airplanes, homes and offices.

Outstanding Features:

  • Convenient aersol packaging. 
  • Many uses other than automotive; i.e., offices, home, rest rooms, boats and airplanes. 
  • Treats the source of odor – doesn't mask it. 
  • Economical - multiple applications in one can.

Available Size:

#10601 - 12 oz.