Fuel-Injector Flush

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Fuel-Injector Flush

Part# 10881

Cleans Deposits From Injection Tips & Combustion Cleaners

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MOC® Fuel Injector Flush (#10881) is a powerful cleaning agent that is used in connection with the MOC® Fuel Injector Machine #74000 to clean fuel injectors and the combustion chamber. MOC® Fuel Injector Flush is connected directly to the fuel rail and the engine runs on this product in place of fuel. Restored performance and mileage can be achieved after removal of harmful deposits on the injectors, valves and combustion chambers. This product is designed to be compatible with all fuel-system components.

Outstanding Features:

  • Cleans fuel injectors on vehicle. Avoids the need to disassemble or replace injectors.
  • Will not harm EFI components.
  • Will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensor.
  • Helps improve driveability issues such as run-on, cold-start and hesitation.
  • Can be used anywhere. Does not require compressed air or electricity.
  • Has a valve seal on the tip to avoid leaks during connection and removal.