Dissolve It

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Dissolve It

Part# 10901

Multi-Purpose Solvent That Cleans, Dissolves & Disperses

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MOC®’s Dissolve It (#10901) is a specially formulated blend of solvents designed to dissolve, disperse and remove contaminants and other organic material from a variety of surfaces. This non-chlorinated, CFC-free formula dries quickly and does not leave a residue or oily film behind. The multi-purpose solvent works well on metal parts, equipment and for various automotive or industrial uses.


  • Fast-acting and powerful – Removes built-up contaminants and debris quickly and easily.
  • Can avoid the need for disassembly of parts.
  • Easy to use – Just spray and allow surface to dry.
  • Safe to use – Contains no fluorocarbons or chlorinated solvents.
  • Meets OTC V.O.C. regulations – The formula meets current V.O.C. regulations set by Ozone Transport Commission (OTC). Not for sale or use in California.