Liquid Wonder™

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Liquid Wonder™

Part# 2102

One-Step Liquid Wax For Paint, Glass & Chrome



Liquid Wonder™ (#2102) is a quick-dry liquid wax for painted and metal surfaces on new or used vehicles. It is a thin liquid with solvency to clean road film, light grease and scuffs during application. The product is easily applied and wipes off with no residue or smudges, even in direct sunlight. Liquid Wonder™ must be shaken before use, as separation is normal for this type of product.


  • Versatile – Cleans, waxes and protects painted and metal surfaces.
  • Thin solvent form provides the added benefit of removing road film, light grease, scuffs and buffer marks.
  • Very easy to use; Fast application and removal without residual dust.
  • Great all-purpose wax that provides a deep gloss on used or new vehicles.

Available Sizes:

#21023 - 1 gallon