Body Gloss product image

Part# 2107

Quick Detailer, Gloss Enhancer For Painted, Glass, Plastic & Chrome Surfaces



MOC® Body Gloss™ (#2107) is a thin, pink solution with a pleasant cherry scent. This product is designed specifically to maintain a vehicle while on the showroom floor, and to keep it in an eye-appealing brilliant condition at all times


  • Polishes paint, glass, chrome and tires.
  • Surface gloss becomes greatly enhanced, repels dust and resists showroom fingerprints.
  • Body Gloss™ is a "must" product for your showroom vehicles.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Also used as a lubricant for MOC® Miracle Clay #31231 and other paint-preparation clay bars.
  • Body Shop Safe

Available Sizes:

#21071 - 1 pint w/sprayer
#21072 - 1 quart w/sprayer
#21073 - 1 gallon
#21075 - 5 gallon