Nano Spray Wax

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Nano Spray Wax

Part# 2115

Fast Easy & Long Lasting



Nano Spray Wax (#2115) is a liquid protectant that creates a durable, high-gloss finish
on painted and chrome surfaces. This spray utilizes nanotechnology, hydrophobic polymers and natural wax particles to create a deep, even streakfree finish. Nano Spray Wax is easy to apply, just spray it on and wipe away


  • Application takes a fraction of the time that traditional waxes require.
  • Ideal for fast and easy new car delivery.
  • Conceals minor scratches.
  • Protects against UV rays.
  • As durable as traditional waxes and polishes, but without the smearing, streaks or white residue on trim areas.
  • Versatile – Can even be used on glass, wheels and vinyl graphics.

Available Size:

#21152 - 32 oz.
#21153 - 1 gallon