Magna Crystal™

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Magna Crystal™

Part# 2126




MOC® Magna Crystal™ (#2126) is a free-flowing, viscous, clearcoat-cleaner glaze. It is pink in color with a slight solvent color. Magna Crystal™ can be used on conventional paints, as well as clearcoat, to polish and protect, while removing scratches and light oxidation.


  • A popular polish that does it all.
  • Removes light scratches, oxidation and swirls from clearcoat paints and leaves a deep gloss.
  • Leave a protective, streak free finish.
  • Very versatile – works equally well with a high speed buffer, an orbital buffer, or by hand.

Available Sizes:

#21261 - 1 pint
#21262 - 1 quart
#21263 - 1 gallon