Banana Wax®

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Banana Wax<sup>®</sup>

Part# 2170

Contains Natural Carnauba Designed For All Types Of Paint, Including Clearcoat

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Banana Wax® (#2170) is a high-gloss, easy-to-use cream wax. The advanced formula combines natural carnauba wax, polishing agents and resins to create a deep “wet-look” shine on painted surfaces. It fills in fine scratches and swirl marks, while providing a durable finish. Banana Wax® is designed for use on all types of paints, including clearcoat, enamel, metallic, and lacquer.


  • Great on dark colors – Leaves a deep even finish with no streaks or smudges.
  • Leaves no powder residue.
  • Very easy to rub off, even in direct sunlight.
  • Produces a deep gloss.
  • Provides protection against surface contaminants and UV damage.

Available Sizes:

#21701 - 1 pint
#21702 - 1 quart
#21703 - 1 gallon