Paint Sealant

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Paint Sealant

Part# 2230

Creates A Protective Barrier



MOC® Paint Sealant (#2230) a yellow, semiviscous polish formulated with the finest bonding agents, silicones and fluororesins, is our most enduring car polish. Paint Sealant's nonabrasive formula combines fluoropolymers and resins to create a bonding system that forms an invisible shield. Paint Sealant offers lasting protection against weathering, oxidation and loss of gloss. Paint Sealant is designed for all types of paint, including clearcoat, enamel, metallic, lacquer and fiberglass.


  • Our longest-lasting sealant with the highest level of polymer protection.
  • Leaves a durable finish that resists detergents, surface contaminants and UV damage.
  • Compatible with clearcoat and single-stage paints

Available Sizes:

#22301 - 1 pint
#22302 - 1 quart
#22303 - 1 gallon