Vinyl & Leather Protectant

Vinyl & leather protectant product image
Vinyl & Leather Protectant

Part# 2430

Helps Provide A Barrier Against Fading & Discolorations



MOC® Vinyl & Leather Protectant (#2430) is a thin, white, milky liquid containing special compounds that protect, preserve and beautify vinyl and finished leather on a car's interior.


  • A long-lasting protectant for vinyl and leather that resists  cracking, staining, fading, and discoloration.
  • Leaves a natural finish that protects the surface from UV damage and staining substances.
  • Part of the MOC® Appearance Protection Program.

Available Sizes:

#24301 - 1 pint
#24302 - 2 quart
#24303 - 1 gallon