Magna Buff

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Magna Buff

Part# 3100

Removes Scratches, Oxidation & Blemishes, Body Shop Safe

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MOC® Magna Buff® (#3100) is a semiviscous, blue cream designed specifically as a buffing compound for base-coat clearcoat systems. It removes heavy scratches, blemishes and factory-paint defects on base-coat clearcoat painted finishes. This product should be followed with a glaze. Magna Buff® is an excellent compound for conventional paints.


  • Designed for use on base-coat/clearcoat finishes.
  • Removes scratches caused by cosmoline remover.
  • Repairs factory-paint imperfections.
  • Eliminates gumming of polish pads and prevents sticking on clearcoat vehicle surfaces.
  • Excellent for removing wet-sanding marks on new paint.

Available Sizes:

#31001 - 1 pint
#31002 - 1 quart
#31003 - 1 gallon