Whitewall Concentrate

Whitewall Concentrate

Part# 4277

Removes Stubborn Stains & Dirt



MOC® Whitewall Concentrate (#4277) is a concentrated, thin liquid, light yellow in color, with a low odor. It is designed specifically to remove the most-stubborn dirt and stains from whitewall tires. Whitewall Concentrate is very strong and very effective.


  • A heavy-duty, high-caustic cleaner that removes the toughest scuffs, grime and blue coating from tires.
  • Wets through the soil and rinses freely, while returning the whitewall to its bright-white original look.
  • Leaves whitewalls and lettering on tires clean and bright.

Available Sizes:

#42773 - 1 gallon
#42775 - 5 gallon
#42776 - 55 gallon