Formula 5000

Formula 5000 product image
Formula 5000

Part# 4350

Multipurpose Cleaner Machinery, Chrome, Floors, Tires, & Glass



MOC® Formula 5000™ (#4350) is a low-viscosity, multipurpose degreaser, blue in color, with a slight ether odor. It is a deep-penetrating formulation (caustic-free) that loosens and emulsifies grease and grime. MOC®'s Formula 5000™ is used on machinery, chrome, vinyl, floors, walls, engines, tires, car bodies and all surfaces unaffected by water.


  • Versatile – Strong enough to remove tough grime and soil, but mild enough to clean interior surfaces.
  • Complies with VOC regulations.
  • Color-Coded packaging.
  • Economical – Reduces the number of products needed in a shop.

Available Sizes:

#43503 - 1 gallon
#43505 - 5 gallon
#43506 - 55 gallon