Formula 3000™

Formula 3000 Product image
Formula 3000™

Part# 4351

All Purpose Cleaner For Exterior or Interior Use



MOC® Formula 3000™ (#4351) is an all-purpose cleaner for interior or exterior use on machinery, floors, walls, engines, tires, and vehicle bodies. It is a low-foaming liquid, greenish-yellow in color, with slight ether odor. Formula 3000™ is a powerful blend of fast, deep-penetration ingredients that speedily loosens and emulsifies grease an grime so that they may be easily rinsed away.


  • Most versatile of MOC®'s degreasers line.
  • Can be used on any surface not adversely affected by water.

Available Sizes:

#43513 - 1 gallon
#43515 - 5 gallon
#43516 - 55 gallon