Big Bang®

Big Bang product image
Big Bang®

Part# 4354

Removes Dirt, Grime & Oil



MOC® Big Bang® (#4354) superconentrated, degreaser is brownish-red in color with a pleasant cherry scent. This product can be used on floors, engines, tires, cars, trucks, machinery, tools, heavy machinery and transportation equipment. Big Bang® can be used on interiors as well.


  • Highly efficient and very economical due to its dilutability.
  • Big Bang® is a powerful blend of fast, deep-penetrating ingredients that loosens and emulsifies grease and grime so they may easily rinse away.
  • Use anywhere you are present using "high powered" cleaners.
  • Breaks up grease and grime, allowing them to be rinsed away effectively without residue.

Available Sizes:

#43543 - 1 gallon
#43545 - 5 gallon
#43546 - 55 gallon