Leather Shield

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Leather Shield

Part# 5107

Cleans, Moisturizes & Preserves



MOC® Leather Shield (#5107) is a unique, lanolin-enriched, water-based lotion blended with natural moisturizers and fortified with mink oil to maintain the soft, pliable leather texture. Leather Shield replenishes oils, cleans surface dirt, protects against ultraviolet-light damage and helps preserve and return the supple feels, softness and natural luster of leather.


  • Leather Shield repels moisture and prevents drying and cracking.
  • Preserves and returns the softness and natural luster of leather.
  • Protects against ultraviolet-light damage.
  • Can be used on new and old leather.

Available Sizes:

#51071 - 14 oz.
#51075 - 5 gallon